Custom Solutions Using Virtual Reality

Protect your business

We help to protect your organisation by improving staff skills through innovative training.

Educate your staff

In some business sectors more than 50% of cyber attacks are caused by internal actors.* Your employees making a mistake could cost your business a lot of money. Teach them what to look out for.

Source: Verizon, 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

Unique solutions

We use Virtual Reality to create a unique experience that is immersive, engaging and memorable.


Instead of tradition learning methods that present content in an unrelated context, we put people in a hands-on, life-like experience making the information learnt more tangible.


We don't just tell people what to do, we show them. We train people by putting them in situations where they need to adapt and take on new skills, creating a learning-by-doing experience.


Challenging traditional teaching methods gives people a uniquely memorable experience, meaning the training has a lasting impact in their lives.

Quality Assured

We test every detail to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes for your staff training sessions

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